The preparation of a TA, TS, or evidence in support of a planning application, might involve various investigations by a traffic engineer, including the following:

A consideration of, and assessment of, recorded personal injury accident data in the vicinity the development site. Obtaining and assessing highway boundary information.

 An assessment of the traffic generating potential of existing and proposed site uses, and the assignment of that traffic to the adjacent road network. This may include a consideration of alternative transport modes and the opportunities to reduce motorised trips, possibly including such matters as “green” travel plans and limited parking proposals.

 Site visit(s) to: observe highway, traffic and transport, conditions at the site and in the vicinity of the site; observe peak hour traffic conditions: observe inter peak conditions; and, to carry out a radar speed survey of vehicle approach speeds in the vicinity of the site access.

 A calculation of the traffic capacity of any proposed access/junction, using recorded traffic flow data, traffic growth factors, and relevant computer programs e.g. ARCADY and PICADY.